Bad rep dogs form Olympic Guard of Honors

Bad rep dogs form Olympic Guard of Honors

Public sees the softer side of Staffies.

It’s the summer Olympics, and many ardent dog lovers take some time to enjoy the pageantry and watch some of the sports. Man’s best friend, however, is usually relegated to a position cuddling on the coach, and is rarely directly involved in the spectacle. This year, however, dog lovers were treated to seeing not only the Queen’s Corgis, but also some very special rescue dogs. 

Britain’s rescue dogs, those who live in Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, had a moment to shine as several assisted with the iconic Olympic Torch ceremony recently. Apparently, pit bulls are banned in the UK, and another breed has replaced pit bulls as the dog breed with a bad reputation. That breed is the Staffordshire Terrier, which is sometimes mistakenly believed to be a pit bull-type dog. 


It’s heartwarming that the Olympic Torch Relay organizers chose to spotlight this large rescue facility and its rescue animals. In turn, shelter staff chose to spotlight the Staffordshire Terrier breed. These dogs make up a large proportion of those surrendered, and because of public perceptions, many people hesitate to adopt them. 


The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has a program to highlight the softer side of Staffies, and the relay was a perfect vehicle to showcase this trait. One lucky Staffie, a beautiful white and black dog named Rory, ran with famed British footballer and dog-lover, Michael Owen. Mr. Owen himself owns Staffordshire Terriers, so he was a great representative. 


The dogs have attracted attention to the rescue; let’s hope that translates into more of these handsome dogs finding loving homes forever.