McDonald’s Radio Spot Offends Pit Bull Advocates

McDonald’s Radio Spot Offends Pit Bull Advocates

Pit bull advocates understandably erupted last week as they became aware of a recent McDonald’s radio spot that stated eating its Chicken McNuggets was less risky than petting a pit bull. 


My Facebook page was filled with outraged status updates, and pleas for pit bull supporters to call McDonald’s and to politely request that the corporation retire the offending advertisement. Phone lines were jammed, and technical difficulties reported, according to numerous updates from all over the country. These reports lead me to believe that McDonald’s was swamped with these requests. 


McDonald’s had become synonymous with unhealthy food, and I’m sure it was trying to frame people’s perspective that although its food is risky to eat, it is not as risky as all these other activities. The comparison was exasperating for pit bull advocates, however, who have worked so hard to rehabilitate the breed’s image. 


I would suggest another approach for McDonald’s and I base it partially on the work of the pit bull supporters. Rehabilitate your image. First, upgrade your recipes and your menus so you serve healthy food, after all, isn’t that what food should be?. Second, advocate for your new, healthier meals. Educate consumers on the truth of your new offerings; they are not risky, but are actually healthy. Persuade consumers to put aside their fears and to try the new meals.


Improve the quality and healthfulness of your food, McDonald’s, and you won’t be tempted to disparage a dog breed, anger thousands of dog lovers and invoke a backlash against your restaurants again.