Not your typical fire station dog

Not your typical fire station dog

Ember jumped into a fire truck and into firefighters' hearts.

The news is full of tragedy and heart-breaking stories of neglect and cruelty. Pit bull-type dogs seem to be frequent target of sick individuals who enjoy torturing animals. Thankfully, on occasion a story is reported that breaks that mold. In a heartwarming news account, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a breed often characterized as a pit bull type, was rescued by firefighters, and given a home.

The dog, who has been named Ember, was spotted chained, and muzzled, to a tree without food or water. The situation was reported to the Haines City, Florida fire department, and a couple of fire fighters went to rescue her. Ember jumped in the fire department’s truck, and apparently jumped in the fire fighters’ hearts as well, because she now lives at the fire station. 


We can only speculate the neglect and abuse Ember endured in her past, yet she has left that all behind her. From the news reports, Ember has become a calm and quiet member of the team. She follows a routine of getting fresh-baked treats, soaking up sunshine and she has a couple of favorites among the members of the fire fighters. 


Had the firemen turned Ember over to local animal control, she likely would have been put down simply because of her breed and size. Thankfully, the department chose to keep her. The fire fighters contribute to cover the cost of food, supplies and veterinary care for their station’s mascot. In return, Ember helps keep the fire fighters relaxed and happy.