Pit bull saves owner from train

Pit bull saves owner from train

An amazing story of intelligence, courage and strength.

Strength and determination, though usually considered positive traits, have sometimes worked against pit bulls. People may fear their strength, and may also fear their determination if it is misapplied, especially if they have been inundated with stories of mistreated pit bulls attacking relentlessly. The positive side of these traits, however, was on full display this week in a heartwarming recent news report. 


In this amazing story of intelligence, courage and strength, a rescued pit bull named Lily saved her owner. A woman in Massachusetts had fallen on train tracks, and was unconscious. As a freight train thundered down the tracks, Lily attempted to pull the woman away. Lily succeeded in that the woman was unhurt. Unfortunately for Lily, she was hit by the train. Fortunately Lily survived the accident, although she was badly injured and needed to have a leg amputated. 


The family seems committed to giving Lily the best possible care, and to ensuring her future life is happy. Given the breed’s strength and determination, I have no doubt but that Lily will soon be running and playing happily again. She will put this trauma behind more quickly than her family will. 


I’m also impressed that Lily understood the danger her owner was when laying on the train tracks. I have what’s considered an intelligent breed, but if I were in that situation, I don’t think my dogs would make the connection between a train bearing down and injuring me. If they did make the connection, they would not have the strength to pull me off the tracks, and probably not the courage either. 


Dog owners, if you were in that position, do you feel your dog would pull you off the tracks? Why or why not?