Pitbull Families Live in Fear

Pitbull Families Live in Fear


I’ve noticed one thing in common with many families who have pitbulls. As much as they love their dogs, they live in fear. It may seem strange that anyone would choose to live life like this, yet so many do. 



Just tonight, a friend posted on her Facebook status that she was out walking her pitbull on leash, when a situation arose that caused her to panic. A loose lab came charging after her pitbull. She did not want either dog to get hurt, and she knew if there were any scuffle, her dog, the undesirable breed, would be blamed...even if a loose dog attacked him. To keep her dog safe, this slender woman picked up her 50 pound pittie and ran to safety.


In other situations too, friends with pitbulls have seemed extraordinarily cautious. I used to think it was because they were afraid their dog may attack another dog or a person. I have come to realize though, that in many cases, their dog is very unlikely to be the aggressor. Still, the owners live in fear that their dog may be attacked, and then blamed, just because of their breed. 


I’m glad these friends are cautious, and I many times wish this caution would extend to non-pitbull owners. Dogs can be unpredictable, and one of mine has gotten bit by a nice dog who gets along with everyone. And I have to admit that I’ve been lax at times, and then startled when my well-socialized and well-trained herding Sheltie snapped at a young dog who got on his nerves. 


Let’s not put our best friends at risk. Let’s keep our dogs on leash or safely fenced, and closely supervised when interacting with other dogs, regardless of breed.