Some good news for Pit Bull lovers

Some good news for Pit Bull lovers

Two Pit Bulls are saved.

Last week, fair-minded folks and dog lovers were saddened when Lennox, an innocent family pet and therapy dog, was killed only because he had pit bull type characteristics. It’s hard to understand how such a thing could happen in a civilized nation, and I suspect more information will come out about the people who were involved. For this posting, however, we have better news to discuss. 

Just a few weeks ago, a pit bull was revived after inadvertently hanging himself by his collar on an outdoor fence. A caring neighbor who knew CPR revived the dog, who had appeared to be dead. CPR is never a sure thing, but pit bulls are resilient, and it seems fitting this dog would be revived. 

In another story, a police officer responded to a call regarding a dog who was scaring neighborhood children by chasing them. The officer was a dog lover, and quickly realized the scary dog was just a frightened one. He called to the dog, who came to him, and gave his some water. After thinking through the situation, the officer decides to adopt the dog. 


There have been so many news stories lately where police officers have shot dogs, claiming the dogs were vicious. At times, the dogs’ viciousness was open to dispute, and dogs may have been unfairly killed. So it is gratifying to hear of a dog-savvy officer, who watches the dog’s behavior to see what’s really happening, rather than simply responding to reports from people who may not understand these animals.