The ups and downs of dog lovers’ lives

The ups and downs of dog lovers’ lives

The book "Wallace" by Jim Gorant released

Most dog lovers know the ups and downs, intense love and intense heartbreak we experience in our lives with our furry loved ones. We love them so much, and yet as hard as we may try, we can’t protect them from every disease, or accident, or from old age. This week, the story of Wallace the Pit Bull, and his family, really brought that reality home to me. 

Although I don’t know Wallace or his family all that well, I have met them. I’ve been impressed with Wallace’s disc dog skills, and with his family’s character. I was interested to learn that author Jim Gorant was writing a book about Wallace. It was fun to see that the book was recently released, and it has done very well. I’ve just gotten an eBook version myself, and while I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I’m looking forward to it. 


The book release is such an exciting time for his family. It’s also exciting for other pit bull advocates who appreciate the work Wallace and his people have done to rehabilitate the breed’s reputation. This excitement has turned to anxiety and sadness though. Wallace, shortly after the book’s release, needed emergency surgery to remove a spleen tumor. I wasn’t certain he’d make it through the surgery, yet he did, and his many fans continue to hope for a full recovery. 


Although Wallace’s story is more dramatic than many, it still reminds us how fragile and short dogs’ lives can be. The joy we feel today may be counterbalanced by grief tomorrow, yet knowing that makes the joy feel all the sweeter.