Why do some people hate pit bulls?

Why do some people hate pit bulls?

Opinions about pit bulls can evolve with education

Over the years, my opinions about pit bulls have evolved. Years ago, when the media started to tarnish the breed’s reputation, I didn’t know any different. I mistakenly thought pit bulls were naturally aggressive to humans. As I learned more, I learned that they were supposed to be bred to be very non-aggressive with people, and for awhile, they were considered America’s nanny dog. 

Also, over the years, I became better educated about dog behavior and training, so I better understand the influence good homes can have on dogs. I’ve had dog-reactive dogs, and I have learned how to manage them so that they aren’t a danger to other people’s pets. I realize not everyone has that background. 


I’m still puzzled though, by people who hate pit bulls in way that seems, quite honestly, unbalanced. An article on the Stubby Dog website by Ms. Telemansic provides some insight into that. 


She explores the relationship that fear and negativity can have on people’s outlook. Taking a negative perspective can become a habit, as can taking a positive perspective.  She also discusses the tendency some people have to be driven by retribution, rather than resolution, and how this can affect how they relate to the world. 


I hope this article makes it out to a wider audience, an audience who might be genuinely  afraid of pit bulls, or who might feel revengeful for any imagined wrongs done be a member of the breed.  


Mindless revenge against an entire breed won’t solve any problems. Thoughtfully thinking through situations and formulating resolutions can.