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The Hacked Secret Yahoo Diary of Sarah Palin

Monday, October 6th


Dear Diary,

Rick Davis says that I need to “think before you speak” and “dear God, please don’t say anything that isn’t written down in front of you.” Have therefore decided to write down thoughts and feelings so that they are now “written down in front of me” and I can say what I want, just like before debate. Ha. Will show that mean campaign manager how to deal with Sarah Barracuda-Hockey-Mom-Pitbull-Moose-Killer.

In other news, saw John the other day. Not looking too great. Am getting worried about possibility of being president alone. Must remember to ask Tiny Fey woman if she would mind standing in for me. Owes it to me, as I hear ratings for her have really gone up recently.

Love yah!


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