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Thanks for the hacking, you little jerk. You're indicted.

Sunday, October 12th


Dear Diary,

Still furious over e-mail hacking. That littleâ??I can't even say it. Thought password completely secure, but apparently â??missalaska1984â? not as difficult to guess as would have expected. At least they didnâ??t find the e-mails to Levi that talked about that oneâ??

John walked in while I was in the middle of inscribing rage into diary. Confused for moment as John generally in bed by 8PM except for debate nights, but apparently sleep was disrupted by Secret Service-related nightmares. Asked what he would do in these circumstances. After 20 minute explanation of concept of ‘e-mail hacking,’ finally understood and said that once he’d been in a similar situation when “an unruly young person” asked if it was problem that he was “like, really old.” John got out of it by saying, “Thanks for the question, you little jerk. You’re drafted. Briefly explored possibility of draft for David Kernell, but trust federal courts will take care of it.

Wanted to send e-card to Levi as congratulations for gettinâ?? married early and avoidinâ?? dangerous and pervertinâ?? college experience leadin' to depraved future life as Yahoo e-mail account hacker, but laptop has been confiscated due to new restrictions on Internet use.

Still have only New York Times to read.

Love yah!


Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Sarah Palin