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Tenacious pit bull puppy loves life without legs

London is not letting the lack of front legs stop him.

Pit bulls have a reputation for being tenacious, and at times this reputation is held against them. At other times, a pit bull’s refusal to give up is nothing short of inspiring. Today, I stumbled across one such story, featuring a pit bull puppy named London.  

In a tragic fall of three stories, London’s front legs were badly broken, and the pavement on which he fell was so hot he was also burned. For whatever reason, his owners did not seek any medical treatment for over a month. By that time, veterinary staff felt the best option was to amputate his two front legs. 


In true pit bull style, however, London is not letting the lack of front legs stop him. He’s still his playful puppy self, and the rescue group that is now taking care of him hopes to place him in a loving home soon. As heartbreaking as it is to think of London suffering from his injuries for a month without treatment, it is also inspiring to think of the good people who helped him, and who donated time, money and expertise to his treatment and care. 


It certainly would have been easy to say that London was injured too badly to save. I’m sure many people would have understood that decision. There are many other dogs, healthy ones, too, who need help, and there are not enough resources to help them all. Yet, I’m glad London was saved. For many pit bull lovers, he symbolizes what they love so much about this breed, and they are gratified that a badly injured pit bull was saved.