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Palin for President, 2012!

Monday, October 13th 8:47PM Dear Diary, Spent day reading poll results and evaluating chances of making it into White House. In case of failure on Nov. 4, have developed back-up plan: Sarah for President, 2012. Have begun preparations for next campaign. Am worried about possible triple-threat of Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Paris Hilton. Strategy of attack: 1) Michelle: If husband elected, hire White House intern to seduce, use resulting negative media to undermine wife’s campaign in future. If husband not elected, continue allegations of terrorist activities, looking into contagious nature of Islam/terrorism. Possible campaign slogan: Once a Muslim terrorist, always a Muslim terrorist. 2) Hillary: Assuming young TV-comedy-watching population decides to vote for first time ever, hire SNL to propagate negative image in popular culture. If Fey woman refuses to cooperate, ask Cindy and/or Jill for advice on how to seduce older male politician-type. 3) Paris: Potential running mate choice. Ideas for Palin-Hilton platforms: swimsuit competition, new clothing line, sandals. Perhaps will neglect to mention new campaign to John as poor man already has enough problems. Love yah! Sarah Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Sarah Palin