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New quotas for 'maverick' word use, really wish John and Rick would stop micromanaging.

Wednesday, October 15th 4:23PM Dear Diary, Have just received new quotas for use in future speeches.  Effective immediately: "Maverick"- 5 per speech "Terrorist"- 7 per speech "Bill Ayers"- 2 per speech "Washington outsider"- 3 per speech "Wasilla Main Street"- 2 per speech "Joe Six Pack"- 1 per speech "Hockey mom"- 2 per speech "Who is the real Barack Obama?"- 3 per speech Under no circumstances am allowed to discuss foreign policy (specifically Putin and Russia), Bridge to Nowhere, state trooper incident, Yahoo e-mail accounts, or educational background. When John dropped off list of speech dos and don’ts, was also instructed to watch tonight’s debate closely and “just copy whatever I say and do. And, dear God, shut up about Levi already.” Wonder if that means must learn how to hold arms like robot. Also, comment about Levi completely uncalled for. Apparently family values underrated these days. Anyway, really don’t see why I have to pay attention to these things at all as have already been told that must always stay on script. Sometimes feel misunderappreciated. Love yah! Sarah Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Sarah Palin