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Palin-themed Halloween

Thursday, October 30th


Dear Diary,

Received phone call from Willow informing me that all her friends dressing up as me for Halloween. Was flattered by costume choice—after all, must mean that others admire me and wish to duplicate appearance—but immediately become concerned that sub-par Palin-imitators may run rampant. Did quick Google search (am allowed to use Internet again, though Yahoo website has been blocked) and found hundreds of directions on how to make best Palin costume.

While looking up best set of costume ideas, phone rang again. Was Bristol. Apparently Willow had told her about call and Bristol wanted to know why I wasn’t angry about imitators mocking me. Assumed she was just jealous about lack of recent attention in media, so assured her there would also be many Bristol costumes. Phone went dead, must have dropped it in her excitement.

Went back to looking up pictures of copycat Palins. Some truly awful. Really, people should remember that clothing will cost $150,000 and make-up $22,000 in order to pull off accurate portrayal.

Love yah!


Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Sarah Palin