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French comedians not really Freedom comedians after all

Saturday, November 1st


Dear Diary,

Everyone talking about Sarkozy prank call. Feel entire situation ridiculous. Received phone call, was told French president on phone, and man with French accent spoke. All French accents sound the same! Totally legitimate mistake. Anyway, media can’t tell me and Tina apart—and neither can Tina’s daughter—so ridicule of Sakozy incident completely unfair.

In other news, am using effective strategy of appealing to many previously-ignored professions. Despite recent failures of Joe the Plumber—turns out it is difficult to stay media darling if not attending mandatory rallies—his continued popularity as unqualified spokesman and Google search item leads to conclusion: we must have more Joe the Plumbers!

However, as unlicensed plumber demographic likely already swayed toward McCain-Palin, have used other options in speeches in order to gauge crowd reaction. So far, have tried:

-Molly the Dental Hygienist

-Chuck the Teacher

-Jane the Engineer

-Ed the Dairyman

-Rose the Teacher

-Phil the Bricklayer

-Tito the Builder

Believe Tito most successful as has possibility of swaying Hispanic voting bloc and/or attracting wealthy builder’s associations to donate money to purchase new wardrobe after old is donated.

Love yah!


Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Sarah Palin