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Fighting a Biased Media

Monday, January 19th 12:05pm Dear Diary, Have just woken up after another sleepless night. I only got 10.5 hours! I must really work on getting the full 12 hours of beauty sleep that I need to maintain my good looks. Haven’t been featured as many media articles, but am working on more ways to get more in the media. Todd’s idea to fight the media and get back on the national stage was genius. He’s always been such a great support. His idea for the a documentary that vindicates me just goes to show that I was treated unfairly, and will ensure that I’m given the special treatment that I deserve during my next campaign. Not only that, exposing the media for the biased liars that they are will help draw in the base, which is always good for garnering support. Now if only I can figure out a way to draw in all conservatives… Regardless, as today is Martin Luther King Day, I do think that people should work towards more equality for everyone. And that includes me too! I’ve suffered because of sexism, classism, and whatever –ism applies to those who are from Alaska. I think it’s time that people start lining up to apologize to me so that we can move forward, and so I can get going on my 2012 campaign for presidency. Love yah! Sarah Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Sarah Palin