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Miss WASILLA, But America Works Too

Monday, January 26th 1:05pm Dear Diary, Am feeling fully rested after a long overdue 14 hour sleep. Ya know, a lot of people ask me how I stay looking so young and beautiful. Well, first I have to thank the Lord for my good looks. Then I just tell ‘em that I sleep away my wrinkles and age lines. Just a good 12 to 14 hours of sleep is all anyone needs to look their best, that’s what I always say. Speaking of looking my best, I heard that I was mentioned in a question at the Miss America pageant last Saturday. But they got my pageant wrong! Everybody knows that I was Miss Wasilla, but they actually thought I was part of the Miss America beauty pageant? I’ll admit I’m honored that people assumed I came so far. And as proud as I am to have been Miss Wasilla, I’m certainly not going to refute those stories. They’re just good press! Not to mention, I’m going to need to come with all my guns blazing! Love yah! Sarah Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Sarah Palin